Barrett Jackson,

4th Grade


Matthew Jackson, MEd-IT

Brandy Jackson, MEd-IT

Meet Our Team


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​We are the Mobile MakerSpace of Cape Cod and we are passionate about STEAM education.


What is a MakerSpace?
A MakerSpace is a place where students can gather to create, invent, tinker, explore and discover using a variety of tools and materials.

Our mobile programs are designed to be run as single day activities.  For schools that desire a more comprehensive, multi-disciplinary unit of instruction, our lab can be rented on a temporary basis.  We roll in our equipment, set up a portable learning space, and when the unit is complete, everything goes back onto the truck and we drive away.

Why Mobile?
Many schools lack the space and financial support to build robust MakerSpaces in every district school from K-12, so the majority of programs are in the high schools around Cape Cod. But research shows that students are most creative and willing to try new things at the younger grade levels. Our Mobile Lab allows schools to bring these programs in on a "try before you buy" basis.  After using the Mobile MakerSpace, school districts will be able to make a more informed decision about the technology and curriculum they would like to implement.  Mobile MakeSpace Cape Cod offers consulting and grant-writing services to help design a MakerSpace that best meets your schools' needs. 

For parents, it is the same issue.  There are so many EdTech toys that it is hard to know where to begin - what fits your child's interests; which products are worth the money; are they age appropriate; is this a toy for kids, or is it a toy parents have to build for their kids?  With the Mobile MakerSpace, the guessing is removed.  Parents can bring fun, hands-on activities into their homes and let our educational professionals work with your kids on how to begin their initial exploration.